Saturday, November 25, 2017


Looking at the American people, I wonder whether it is apt to say that there are two great camps: those who follow their hearts  and those who follow their heads.  The former cling to the old idea that American labor deserves a living wage.  The latter say, "the world has changed, and we must accept the fact."  The former are poor, uneducated, and unskilled.  The latter are affluent, educated, and skilled.  The former have nothing to gain from listening to their heads, and the latter have nothing to gain from listening to their hearts.  The former cling to the fantasy of realizing the American Dream.  The latter, having realized this dream, eschew emotional attachments. 

The two camps gaze at each other across a gulf.  Or rather, the heart-led folk gaze across at the heartless, and the heartless are gazing into the future.  In the future, there is no longer such a thing as race or nationality.  In the future, automation will be capable of performing tasks that today can only be performed by human beings.  Cars will drive their passengers.  Our every movement will be electronically monitored so that we may be better served.  In the future, the institution of marriage will be nothing but a fading memory.  Heart will no longer find a home.