Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Very Brief Post on the Anniversary of 9-11.

As has been customary at the New Independent Whig, I try to say something meaningful on the anniversary of the horrific events of 9-11-2001. But words fail me. I'll share a few disconnected thoughts.

I could say that the current partisan political environment dishonors the dead. A government divided against itself cannot marshal the wisdom and resolve that are required to make our country a safer place and prevent future acts of terror.

The rise of ISIS, which experts claim is a more deadly threat than Al Qaeda, shows that our 13 year "war on terror" has not had the desired effect. Or maybe it is, in the minds of world leaders, a momentary setback in their continual vying for control over international oil supplies. Money that could be spent on saving lives or building a better America will instead be spent on weapons. The weapons will destroy lives and properties, but they will also create a new generation of people who hate America and want to do her harm.

An event like that of 9-11-2001 will inspire an impulse to turn it into a symbol. Maybe historians will remember it as emblematic of a period in American history in which the American government has stopped caring about the American people. Or it will be remembered as emblematic of the time when America, like Rome before her, decided to declare war on the world.

Let's pray for the dead and commit ourselves to trying to make America a better place.

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